5 major Manhattan attractions

5 major Manhattan attractions

As the heart of New York, Manhattan boasts some of the most iconic landmarks. From the statue of Liberty, the Empire State and central park, there is no shortage of the places to visit here. It is certainly worth setting aside some time in your lifetime to visit the lush parks, grand museums and island’s scenic gardens. Whether you are a lifelong New Yorker or a tourist, you should add the following Manhattan attractions to your bucket list.

1. The Empire State Building

Built in 1931 within 11 months, the Empire State Building is a 1454 skyscraper that stands as a symbol of American ambition and innovation. The American society of civil engineers recognized it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Looming in Manhattan’s skyline, this building is one of the most visited attractions in the city with so many clamoring for a chance to take the 25 minute elevator ride to the observation deck on the 86th floor. For a chance to capture the iconic 360 degree view, it is best to arrive early.

2. Central park

Central park is yet another beloved attraction in Manhattan. It is one of the things that makes New York City not to be a simple concrete jungle.

This park has been featured countless movies and TV shows and TV shows and it features many attractions within it including the central park zoo, strawberry field and a lake which is ideal for paddling in summer and skating in winter.

You can opt to take a walk around the park or rent a bike to access the sites faster and make the experience less tiring.

3. The statue of liberty

This is the world’s largest statue and a great American icon. It is a famous symbol of freedom built in 1886 by France as a gift to America.

The statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, stands 152 feet tall and weighs about 450,000 pounds. The top of the statute offer a fantastic view of the lower Manhattan and the New York Harbor.

To get to the statue, a short boat ride is required but you can also see it from the shore of Battery Park that sits at the tip of Manhattan.

4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Opened in 1880 and occupying 13 acres of the Central park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is impressive in terms of both scale and quality. It contains more than 2 million works of art including American decorative arts, Egyptian art, arms and armor, costumes, photographs, musical instruments and much more.

Cloisters is a branch of Metropolitan museum of Art located in upper Manhattan and focuses on the architecture and art of medieval Europe.

5. Rockefeller center

Rockefeller is a massive shopping and entertainment complex located in the middle of Manhattan. It is home to major media and radio houses including NBC-TV.

It was built in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest American businessman in his era and it provided employment to over 75,000 worker. Over 350,000 visitors make their way to this historic landmark daily to see celebrities or wave to their families in TV.

The busiest time to visit is in December when an enormous 70 foot Christmas tree with over 30,000 lights stands at the top of the plaza ice rink.