Best Places To Stay In Manhattan

Best places to stay in Manhattan

Best places to stay in Manhattan

Manhattan is the hub of New York and home to the Empire state building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and many more. It is one of the most visited cities in the world with millions of visitors looking to experience what it has to offer. While here, you will need a good place to stay. Depending on your budget, the attraction you want to see and the stage of life you are in, here are some of the best places to stay in Manhattan.


Located in the middle of Manhattan, the Midtown is an exciting place to stay. Most of the city’s attractions are within a walking distance from the Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building and the Times Square. It is also home to some of the best shopping streets such as the Saks Fifth Avenue department store among other top designer outlets.

The west side of Midtown is better for nightlife, restaurants and sights and it is close to the Museum modern art and the famous Theatre district. The eastern side caters for office workers so lacks real charm but it will be ideal if you are looking to have a peaceful night.

The Upper East Side

This is one of the quietest districts in the city. It is packed with art galleries and museums including the Guggenheim and the metropolitan Museum Art.

There is also a great selection of fine restaurant though the prices are quite high. The upper west side, the opposite side of Central Park offers the same attractions but with more affordable dining opportunities.

Flatiron/ Gramercy

This is a quiet district but within a walking distance to major Manhattan attractions such as the Empire State Building. Other advantages of staying in this district includes easy access to Madison Square Park as well as Shake Shack and Burger joint, two famous restaurant in New York

Greenwich Village/ Chelsea

Located down in the south west corner on the Island, Chelsea is a charming Manhattan neighbourhood that is home to antique markets, pop up boutique and other quirky shopping places and cafes. With over 350 galleries, it is an ideal destination for art lovers.

The highline is an unmissable Manhattan attraction that provides a spectacular view of the city skyline.

East village

East village district has a plethora of yoga studios, alternative theatre, tattoo parlours and vegan restaurants with locals hanging out everywhere. The many theatres attracts struggling artists from all over.

The weekends here are busy especially at night due to the rowdy students of New York University which is in close proximity.

Financial district/ Lower Manhattan

This southern tip of Manhattan is home to most skyscrapers in the city. Guests staying here will enjoy easy access to ferries to take them to the iconic Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Staten Island.

Financial District is one of the oldest part of Manhattan where the streets actually pre-date the grid system so you can easily get lost here than other parts of the city

It is mostly an office area with skyscraper hotels. The streets are extremely quiet in the night.