Is gambling readily available in Manhattan

Is gambling readily available in Manhattan

Manhattan is the most densely populated of New York City’s 5 boroughs which explains why gambling has become so popular. However, there is some confusion that surrounds the gambling laws in Manhattan. The following is an overview of the gambling industry in Manhattan, why online gambling is superior to land based gambling and whether you have to worry about arrest or indictment.

Manhattan Online Gambling Laws

Generally, Manhattan operates under New York gambling laws. There are no laws that have been specifically written to establish a framework for online gambling but there is also no law banning the same. With no law to refer to, there is always a debate over what exactly the gambling laws cover which in turn makes most people in the city hesitant to gamble.

Online gambling in Manhattan

The online casinos are superior to land based casinos as they carry more safety compared to live casinos and they offer utmost convenience, you do not have to leave your home in order to gamble.

Since there are no laws even at the federal level that make it illegal to participate in online gambling, no one has ever been arrested or indicted for gambling online.

However, there are a few age limits when gambling online. Most sites regulate entry by an age of 18 or 21. At 18 years, you can only enjoy few forms of gambling such as bingo, lottery, horse and dog racing. With the other forms of online gambling such as poker, you have to be at least 21 years to participate.

Gambling Sites That Accept Manhattan Residents

There are many open ended gambling sites for residents in Manhattan, bingo halls, casinos, sportsbook and even poker rooms can be found online for Manhattan residents. Some of the reputable sites where you can place your bet include:


Betonline is a reputable betting sites. It follows all the rules and regulations stipulated by the federal government. It has been in operation since 1991.

Betonline offers a wide variety of games including poker, table games, slots and many more.To join, you simply click the join icon then follow the steps. Upon the first deposit, you are awarded a 50 per cent welcome bonus that can sometimes go up to $1000.


5Dimes is yet another popular online gambling sites for Manhattan residents. It has the sharpest poker players, most avid and loyal sports betting fans and because it is online, you can place your bet at the comfort of your home. Also, it is a legal betting site meaning that you can bet with no reservations.

Upon sighing up, you are awarded free plays, lottery awards and matchplay. They also have great bonuses such as 50 per cent welcome bonus where you can earn up to $500.